A Basics Guide To Gladiator Heroes

Bold, strategic, and story-driven. Gladiator Heroes, an upcoming strategy game where training gladiators and expanding territories is your job as a lanista, is surging through the app market with its promise to bring back the unique spark of tactical games.

What is Gladiator Heroes?

From the start of the game, you are taken back to the time when Ancient Rome was in its Golden Age. There are enemies to fight, fantastic weaponry to acquire, and of course- gladiators to train. You are playing as a lanista, a role in Ancient Rome responsible for managing gladiators and turning them into brave and skilled warriors, while the role of building and defending a solid territory is still slumped on your shoulders.

Gladiator Heroes has managed to bring a complex app into a market swarming with one-star reviews and mediocre copycats. It is balanced in a way that the game needs similar strategic skills as many games in the market, but it is still able to hold out a relatively new storyline to stand out from the rest.

The game is taking a big risk by making the player focus on training his gladiators more than battling itself, but it looks like the risk they took is resulting in positive feedback. Many similar games are afraid to experiment, thus resulting in them being complete rip-offs of other tactical games and showing mobile players into games with a different genre, but it appears Gladiator Heroes might give this genre another chance of being saved.

The game has an average rating of 4.5 in Google Play; about 12, 200 of its reviewers voted for five stars, while only an estimation of 800 people rated it one star.

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The Basics

Your goal as a player is to construct an empire out of a small village by training gladiators, as well as to explore the vast map in Gladiator Heroes that go through forests, deserts, and volcanoes. These terrains are always being updated, making the settings of the game more diverse.

You can enhance your gladiators by giving them both attacking and passive skills. Battle more frequently to level advance in game levels and earn experience points. The most-used way in improving your warriors is to put them through different training grounds depending on what type of gladiators you are training.

Gladiators training

The Sword and Shield Training Ground, for example, works exclusively for Sword and Shield gladiators. These gladiators have the highest defense and are the only type of gladiator that can resist back attacks. The Sword and Shield Gladiator is the first gladiator you will have at your disposal, and they can adapt to any situation.

The Two Hands Training Ground, and is suitable for gladiators of the same name. Two Hands gladiators, as the name suggests, wields two-handed weapons to attack enemies. Anyone caught in the sweep of these gladiators’ attack faces severe damage. The only downside with using Two Hands gladiators is their slow speed. Their training ground is unlocked at level 4.

The fastest type of gladiator is the Dual Weapons gladiator. This gladiator can attack twice in a single turn, making them perhaps the most destructive among the gladiators. The Dual Weapons training ground is unlocked when you reach level 6.

The last type of gladiator is the Spear Wielding Gladiator, which is trained in the Spear Training Ground. Spear Wielding gladiators are the smartest, making long-range attacks and then fleeing to a much safer patch of land. They work best against less intelligent opponents. The Spear Training ground is unlocked at level 11.

The fastest type of gladiator is the Dual Weapons gladiator. This gladiator can attack twice in a single turn, making them perhaps the most destructive among the gladiators. The Dual Weapons training ground is unlocked at level 6.


Aside from learning the types of gladiators in the game, you must also familiarize yourself with the different buildings in the game. There is the Headquarters – needed to improve your city; the Caravan – utilized for unlocking parts of the expanding map; the Gladiator Residence – where the gladiators live; the Infirmary – for gladiators needing medical attention after every battle; and the Marketplace – where you get gold and other items.

After you’ve successfully grasped the city-building aspects of the game, it is time to battle. You can battle in different arenas, each with their boss you need to fight through strategy and trained gladiators. The Games of Glory is the multiplayer arena of the game, where players battle with other trainers all around the globe. You can join this arena in three difficulties: Normal difficulty, hard difficulty, and epic difficulty.

Joining the Games of Glory will place you somewhere in the League of Heroes, the ranking system of Gladiator Heroes. The ranking is measured by “fame”; winning makes you gain more of it while losing makes you, well, lose some of it.

After battling in the Games of Glory, your empire will also be available to be challenged by other players, meaning that you should prepare a defense team, a set of three gladiators that will fight against the team ransacking your base. Make sure that the gladiators you assign are your best warriors.


The premise of the game to bring a brand new strategic game into the market is fulfilled once you enter the world of gladiators, training grounds, arenas, and glory. It is complex and incredibly addicting. The game itself is bold and experimental. Perfect when you want to cling to one game for a long time. This game is a joy to fans of this genre.

The visuals are colorful and have a three-dimensional, boxy vibe that is pleasing to the eyes. It has multiplayer that makes the game more interactive and connected, along with a community of like-minded gamers and active developers. The creators of the game work to constantly upgrade the app. They are quick to fix the bugs, add new features, and expand the map.

Overall, the game is unique and familiar and friendly to the users. It proves that being experimental towards creating something different can lead to something useful and fun such as Gladiator Heroes.

The future of this genre has faced an uprising of negative feedbacks in the past few months, and having something in this genre that is new and refreshing might save it overall.

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