Amazing gifts to buy for men today

When it comes to Christmas shopping for men, there are certain things that you need to think about. Sure, guys love their gadgets and gizmos, but they also want the occasional indulgence – a nice watch or pair of cufflinks is all well and good, but most of them will appreciate something more substantial.

1. The Luxury Watch

A luxury wristwatch is a classic gift for any man who has his heart set on one. There are so many styles and brands out there these days, though, that narrowing down your choices can be difficult. In general, a luxury watch tends to fall into two categories: mechanical and automatic. Mechanical watches are usually more affordable and have been around much longer than automatic ones, which tend to be more popular among modern consumers. They’re essentially Swiss Army knives for timekeeping, with a variety of complications and features.The best luxury watches are those designed by independent watchmakers, because they’re made according to individual tastes rather than being based on marketing trends. If you’ve got a specific model in mind, we recommend checking out sites like Chrono24 or Wrist Watches Direct.

2. A Gift For His Man Cave

If you know someone who loves nothing quite as much as a good cigar, then he might appreciate an elegant smoking accessory from a company like Monte Carlo Cigars. These beautifully crafted boxes come complete with a humidor, and each box contains 100 of the world’s finest cigars. Each stick costs $15, but if you buy 10 boxes, you’ll get four free (for a total cost of just $60). You could even give a few boxes away as gifts!

3. A Gift Box That Includes Everything He Needs

There are dozens of different kinds of grooming products out there, so if you’re looking for something special, consider giving him a gift box containing all of the tools he needs to keep himself clean and tidy. Some of the better-known examples include Burt’s Bees and Freshii, but there are lots of others available too. We particularly like the gift sets sold at Amazon.

You can find gift boxes that contain anything from aftershave to hair gel to cologne, plus toothbrushes, razors, shaving cream, deodorant, shower gels, and lotions. You can find these on Amazon or other online retailers, but we suggest starting with the ones offered by Burt’s Bees, which offer a wide range of high-quality products.

4. An Expensive Pen Set

If you know a guy who likes to write things down, then he probably already owns a pen set. But what about the rest of us? What about the guy who doesn’t own a pen set? Or the guy who used to own one but now only uses ballpoint pens?

You can find pen sets everywhere these days, including Amazon, office supply stores, department stores, and specialty shops. They come in all shapes and sizes, and many of the cheaper ones are pretty basic. It’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars on one of these sets, but we think that’s a bit unnecessary. Instead, why not try something slightly less expensive?

Some of the better gift ideas for men include a fountain pen from Montblanc ($130), a Parker 51 ($100), or a Pelikan M200 ($120) pen. These are all excellent quality, and the prices aren’t outrageous either. You’ll be able to pick up a decent pen set anywhere, but we especially like the ones found online at Pen Chalet.

For a little extra fun, you could even go with a fountain pen kit instead. This includes everything you need to use the pen, such as ink cartridges, a converter, and a bottle of cleaning fluid. You’ll need to provide your own nib, but once you do, you’re ready to roll!

5. A Shaving Kit

Shaving is a very personal thing, so it’s easy to imagine that every man has his own distinct preferences when it comes to how he likes to shave. That means that finding the perfect shaving kit for him isn’t always easy. If you’re struggling to settle on a suitable gift, then we suggest trying out a kit that’s specifically tailored to his style and needs.

One of the best shaving kits is the Gillette Mach 3 Starter Set, which includes everything you need to start shaving, including blades, a razor, a safety razor blade, shaving soap, and moisturizer. You can pick it up at Walmart for $11.99.

Another option would be to give him a full-size electric shaver, like the Braun Series 9 Plus. It’s more expensive than the Gillette kit, but it still offers everything he needs. You can pick it up at Amazon for $129.

6. A Gift From the Kitchen

Many men love cooking, but don’t actually do it themselves very often. If you happen to live near a fellow foodie, then you can take advantage of that friendship to make sure that he has the right kitchen tools to get the job done.

We’d recommend going with a company that makes good cookware. For example, Le Creuset produces beautiful pots and pans, which are incredibly durable and long lasting. The company also sells a number of accessories, such as oven mitts, spatulas, whisks, and mixing bowls that should help any chef in your life create delicious meals for friends and family.

Alternatively, you could opt for a simple wooden cutting board, which is perfect for people who like to cook but don’t necessarily want fancy equipment. You can find these at Williams Sonoma for $30.

7. Jewelry

Jewelry is another category where men tend to prefer one kind over another. Some men enjoy wearing necklaces while others prefer rings. Either way, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that most men will appreciate the opportunity to add some bling to their wardrobe. Here are some of the best jewelry gift ideas for men:

Cuff Links:

Men love cuff links, and most of them are fairly inexpensive. Cufflink Express sells a wide selection of cuff link kits. These are perfect for adding a touch of class to a plain shirt or suit.


Men who like watches tend to gravitate toward one brand or another. The problem with choosing between brands, though, is that most men buy multiple watches over the course of their lifetimes. To help solve this issue, we recommend buying one brand per type of watch, so you can give a watch collection to a friend without having to worry about duplicates.

A gift like the Rolex Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, for instance, is a terrific choice. It’s a limited edition watch that retails for $18,000.

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