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Interesting facts about League of Legends

Easily, one of the biggest games of the past decade as well as one of the biggest viewership in sporting events, League of Legends or LoL, stormed onto the eSports scene. Like a lot of MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), LoL has a lot of neat stories and “Easter eggs” in its history. Here you will find a collection of the most interesting ones.

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  • Starting off
  • LoL history

The game was first launched in October 2009 and was developed by a Los Angeles-based company RIOT Games, co-founded by Brandon “Ryze” Beck and Marc “Tryndamere” Merril.

The game’s mechanics was inspired by a mod for the Blizzard game Warcraft 3 that was titled Defense of the Ancients (DOTA). Members of the DOTA community thought that the game’s mechanics were fun and interesting enough for it to stand on its own and not as a mod. RIOT Game’s founders teamed up with Steve “Guinsoo” Feak, a designer of the original Defense of the Ancients mod to create a new content for the new DOTA game style by adding recipes, items, and expanding the available heroes, as well as changing some of the game’s mechanics.

By 2012, only 3 years after the game was launched, League of Legends became the most played game in North America and Europe. It has grown to become the most played game across the globe with over 70 million registered players to date.

The original full title of the game was League of Legends: Clash of Fates. However, before the game was fully released, the “Clash of Fates” subtitle was dropped. There has never been an official reason for the name drop, but it is often assumed that the guys from RIOT Games felt that the title was just too long.

Free-to-Play but still making money

The game has remained free-to-play since its launch in order to preserve the spirit of the game. Despite this, the game has become very profitable through in-game transactions and has passed 1 billion dollars in revenue.

Over a hundred champions

As of the first quarter of 2016, League of Legends has 128 different champions that the player can choose to play as. At the game’s launch, there were only 40 champions. With these many champions, the total number of single team combinations is over 14 billion.

The first 6 champions

RIOT has revealed who the first 6 champions designed for the game were and they are Singed, Annie, Sion, Sivir, Twisted Fate, and Lee Sin. Interestingly enough, Lee Sin was almost canceled entirely but was brought back by community support. He was first seen in the game’s earliest trailers but wasn’t playable until April 1, 2016. With the new character design, his pre-release design would later become available as his traditional skin.

The skins

Each of the 128 champions has different skins. Annie, Jax, and Ryze are currently all tied for the most skins with 10 skins each. The total number of skins for every champion adds up to over 650 unique skins. The rarest skin, being the PAX’s Twisted Fate, was given to players who attended the first League of Legends Convention.

LoL in Korea

The game was taken so seriously as an eSport in South Korea that many of the professional players are not allowed to have girlfriends. The average Korean professional player is required to play the game for 12 to 14 hours a day. Professional Korean players have made about $5,500,000 from competitions, which is over 3 times the total cash rewards won by American players.

Cheaters never go unpunished

Major competitions take cheating very seriously. During the League of Legends World Championships back in 2012, a player on the Azubu Frost team turned and looked at the display screen positioned behind him. The screen gave an overview of the entire map, showing information not normally available to the other players. Azubu Frost was fined $30,000 because of this.

How Volibear and Zilean became bitter enemies

Tom Cadwell, RIOT’s design director, was adamantly opposed to the addition of Volibear or an armored bear character in general. This became an inside joke at RIOT and the argument made its way onto the forums where it became a pretty heated topic. As a reference to this, the champions Volibear and Zilean are bitter enemies in the game.

More viewership than the NBA

The 2015 World Championships of League of Legends finals were watched by over 36 million people. It had an average of 14 million viewers at any given time. This was the 3rd year in a row that the finals gathered more viewers than mainstream sports such as the NBA finals and the World Series.


Because of its huge popularity, League of Legends became one of the premier eSports. US officials even recognized it as a legitimate sport, making applications for US visas easier for professional players. Also, at the time of this writing, there have been reports that LoL has taken the lead again as the most played game around the world. Clearly, LoL is an MOBA, a game that is here to stay.

League of Legends Hack

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