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If you are a hockey fan, they you most probably have heard about Hockey Stars, and if you have heard and played Hockey Stars, then you most probably, at some point, thought about using either a Hockey Stars hack or some Hockey stars cheats to get some of those coins and cash for free.

Well, today might just be your lucky day, in the following article, besides reviewing Hockey Stars, I’ll also be talking about the new Hockey Stars hack. Released just a few days ago, the Hockey Stars hack was shared only between private groups, but it has already appeased a lot of players. I decided to make it public because it seemed more fair from my point of view, this way everyone can enjoy the game without having to buy in-game cash.

With the help of these Hockey Stars cheats you can add unlimited amounts of cash and coins to your account in just a few minutes, the method is untraceable and it works on Windows, iOS and Android, in any country. Furthermore, the process is simplified even more by compiling everything into the Hockey Stars online generator.

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Access Online Generator

The Hockey Stars game app is one of the newer apps to come from Miniclip’s roster. Miniclip is a developer known for creating some of the best sports themed game apps and Hockey Stars shows that they have not lost their edge. The game is a sports app based around hockey. While that may not sound appealing to a lot of people, the game is actually more fun that it looks. Those who expect to find a game that is something that only hockey fans would love will be surprised at just how addicting the game can be. Hockey Stars is a game that requires both strategy and skill, while still being accessible for the casual gamer.

Here is a brief Hockey Stars game review for those who want to learn more about the game.

Level up system

The game has a level up system. The more games you plays the more experience points you get. Experience points can be used to level up your characters profile. Players with a higher level are pitted against other players with a similar level.

The system is set in place in order to avoid pitting new players against their more experienced peers. The system makes it easy for people to get into playing the game. It makes sure that players are evenly matched up to avoid rounds where new players are playing against others way out of their league.

Game modes

The game has several modes. By far the most popular mode is the one on one match. Here, players get to test their skills and strategies against other players of similar levels. The developer, Miniclip, has promised that they will add a tournament mode sometime in the near future. Winning a one on one match gives players rewards and goodies which they can use to increase the stats and attributes of their teams.

The offline practice mode is where people can sharpen their skills. Coming up with and testing new strategies and formations are other reasons for players to play in the offline mode.

Hockey Stars mini-games are also there for people who want to take a break from practice or serious matches. Mini-games can be played with online friends for a more relaxing and casual experience.


Skill is required to play the game. Kudos are due for the folks at Miniclip for the game engine’s ability to make realistic angled shots. Players often remark at how well the shots bounce off the wall or other players.

The act of shooting itself does not take a lot of skill; the same with picking up. It does, however, take a lot of practice, effort, and time to master.

Strategies and formations

A good Hockey Stars game strategy requires a lot of depth. Shooting is where skills come into play, but a strategic mind is still a necessity for anyone who really wants to take their game to the next level. Higher level matches show just how crucial game strategy can be to winning the game.

In fact, some of the more advanced players understand the real value of formations. Formations play an integral role in the game. Formations dictate how a player’s team is spread out at the start of a match. The problem is that good formations cost some money. This can be a source of frustration for some as this would give people who pay to buy the more advanced formations a slight edge in performance.

Hockey Stars hack

There is not that much left to be said about the Hockey Stars hack, it can generated unlimited Hockey Star cash, it is extremely easy to use, as I said before, and it has a user friendly interface. Other than that, you can rest assured your are totally safe using it, but that doesn’t mean abusing it is all right, because that can overload the server and there are plenty of people who are looking forward to tuning up their account with free Hockey Stars cash using the Hockey Stars hack.

The developers said that the Hockey Stars hack and Hockey Stars cheats will be kept up to date as the game evolves, so you’ll be able to generate Hockey Stars cash and coins in the future as well, which is a nice thing. Also, remember that this is no Hockey Stars apk mod, all the cash and coins generated are forever, the Hockey Stars hack generates real cash and coins.


Graphics is all well and good. The interface is well designed and is not painful to navigate through.

Hockey Stars employs flash games level of graphics. This might be cartoonish or low level for some gamers, but this sort of graphics does well for this kind of game. It makes the visuals look quick and nippy. Also, the low level graphics means that the game is never too intensive on resources. This allows a mobile device to run the game for prolonged periods of time, which is probably what Miniclip was trying to accomplish.

Design wise, the game has that simple but pleasant aesthetic philosophy to it. The graphics also has that refined and polished look to it, allowing the game to project a great deal of quality.


The in-game sound is good. There’s really not much to say. The sound effects are pleasant and quirky. Leveling up in-game plays a wonderful sound effect that can make a person feel they just accomplished a lifetime achievement.

In-game microtransactions

Hockey Stars is free to play like all of Miniclip’s apps. Anyone can download the game off the Google Play Store absolutely free and without any hidden charge. The game earns revenue in the same way most mobile apps do, through microtransactions. The game has a roster of eighty teams and several cities that serve as the arenas where players can have a match.

With the number of different teams and arenas, it is easy to imagine just how many people will end up scouring the net for a Hockey Stars cash hack. And that’s really one of the first reasons for which I choose to share this Hockey Stars hack and Hockey Stars cheats with everyone, so I really hope that you enjoy it, because as you can clearly see, hacking Hockey Stars is not that difficult.

The verdict

Hockey Stars is without a doubt fun and addicting to play. It’s one of the few games where people won’t regret spending some time to get good at. The problem is that some people feel that accessing the other teams presents a barrier towards excelling in the game. Some of the better teams have to be purchased. This scares some players as not everyone can afford to buy their favorite teams.

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