Dragon Heroes Hack And Cheats

Due to the expansion of the game and its microtransactions, many users requested a Dragon Heroes Hack. We listened to these requests, and today we are bringing you the latest tool made by team Unkn0wnz. It runs on both Android and iOS devices and can generate unlimited rubies, gold, and wings. You can access the generator using one the button below; we’ll be talking more about it later, first, we’ll do a quick review of the game for those of you who don’t know what Dragon Heroes is.

Dragon Heroes: Shooter RPG Worth a shot

There are so many RPG shooter games in the market for mobile, and it is impossible to sample all. However, Dragon Heroes: RPG shooter is worth trying out. If you love adventure games and you enjoy playing arcade-like shooting games, upgrading your weapons and such, then this is the choice for you. Dragons Heroes is supported by both iOS and Android devices.

It plays like any other frantic vertical shooter games, but what’s more, it allows you to collect heroes. It also has lots of character building and customization. The game also has a decent collection of well-endowed anime-style girls but also male characters and dragons. You can change your heroes and use the one you prefer. The heroes have different attack styles and unique skills. The main idea behind the game is to become the savior of Dragonia by upgrading the heroes in the game. You become the savior of Dragonia by defeating dragons found in several stages. You can play along with friends in multi-player mode.

The game developer, PATI Games from South Korea, has made this game to be in high demand since they keep making upgrades to the game. An interesting feature that has made the game to be in more demand is that they keep adding new characters who are versatile and have added features and customizations. Since the player has to unlock the characters, they are more challenged, and it becomes addictive.

The Gameplay

The game will have you collecting powerful heroes so you can form your dream team. The team’s skills can be enhanced by improving the skills of the individual. If you are an ardent fan of shooter games, this game allows you to play it in different modes from Scenario to Boss raid to Infinite dungeon among others. When collecting powerful heroes as you through the game, the game offers an opportunity to form your dream team.

Depending on the heroes you like and your preferences, you can combine different heroes as you go deeper into the game. The game is free to download. However, in-app purchases are available for the full version, and once you reach a level that is too challenging, you can get upgrades from the developer at a price. This is the reason why a lot of people prefer to use the Dragon Heroes cheats to get the rubies they need.

PvP: Player versus Player

Tired with the shooter? The game also provides Player versus Player (PvP) battles. With your hero, you can combat against another hero and if you win to advance and get more points. If you are one of those people who is not excited by the shooter adventure part, you can take part alternatively in the PvP combat. The game offers intense shooting action. To make your team more formidable, you can collect runes. This is not just a game. It is an adventure too. Some of the features include action-packed gameplay, power up and grade up your heroes to be more powerful and lethal, making a guild with your friends.

You can also play the game in English. Many of the players who have gotten a chance to rate this game have given it 5 stars because of the features listed above. It has had few complaints, and the ever present developers who are available to make changes when needed have turned it into a success. To look at it, you’d think it was just another shoot-’em-up, but that’s not quite the case. Sure, it plays as others in the genre, but there are RPG elements. Pointedly, as you blast through enemies in the wild, colorful battles, you unlock new heroes. Most of the heroes are dragon women.

Comparing it with Banner Saga

Comparing the game to the Banner Saga, both games have gorgeous art, fierce tactical battles in the game and a great and intense RPG story. However, the difference is that in Banner Saga, it explores an outdoors world full of rolling hills, ancient monuments, and ruined battlefields while the interface in Dragon Heroes: Shooter RPG is different. It is based on a channel where the player moves forward shooting at his enemies. Another difference is that in Banner Saga, you lead a rag-tag band of farmers, townsfolk, warriors and mighty Varls as you flee against a marauding army of the monstrous Dredge while shooting.

Here, you work with your hero, and you have no team following except the heroes you get. There has been criticism that the game developer in South Korea over the scantily dressed ladies in the game. If your hero is one of the girls, it becomes difficult to play in public, around your family or children because they may think otherwise. To make it easy with the pop-ups, you can close event notifications once a day, and you will be able to play. When event notifications are off, the player has more focus, and when you try hard, you can get further. On the other hand, you could also use the Dragon Heroes hack and stop worrying about these things.


One of the great things about the game is the art. It is gorgeous and looks amazingly good. The developer took his time in developing the characters from the way they look. They girls have unique dresses, and the boys are clad in well-customized attire and are geared up for battle. The background also is well set and lit, and this makes the game more enticing. The gameplay is engaging too. Despite having lag in some battles, this has been fixed in its latest version, version 1.0.7.

The game has been reported to crash the first time you play, but afterward, it plays fine in iPod 5 and ios 7.1.2. If you want a try playing with different shooters, then this game is worth trying. Some of the cons that come with this game are that if you are not playing full licensed versions, there are ads that may be distracting. There are also many pop ups and in a day, there as much as 10 event notifications before you get to the main screen. When you change an area, there are also more notifications; this can frustrate the player.

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